Healthcare Law

At Ossi, Najem & Rosario, we focus their practice exclusively in healthcare and, as a result, provide their clients with an inherent advantage when dealing with healthcare-related issues that may arise in litigation. When a client is faced with litigation or possible litigation, the healthcare knowledge and experience provides their clients with an advantage of knowing how to effectively approach and address numerous issues unique to healthcare in order to achieve the desired result. We have the experience of being on many different sides of litigation due to their diverse client base. This diversity allows us to offer unique approaches to their client’s needs. At Ossi, Najem & Rosario, we attempt to avoid litigation when possible due to the high costs (both financial and time) inherently associated with litigation; however, in situations where no reasonable alternatives are available, our experience in administrative law hearings, quasi-judicial proceedings, judicial proceedings, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), combined with our unique knowledge and experience in the healthcare field, provide an unparalleled formula for success.

We have represented clients in numerous pre- and post- litigation matters using both their expertise in healthcare-related legal issues and successful litigation techniques. We pride ourselves on their ability to resolve matters as cost-effectively as possible while managing their client’s expectations. For instance, when a client is involved in a government investigation focusing on the client’s billing practices, At Ossi, Najem & Rosario, we have enjoyed tremendous success in avoiding criminal charges from being filed and mitigating the damages being sought by the government. The following list provides some examples of the kinds of healthcare litigation in which we have successfully represented their clients:

  • Physician Residency Terminations
  • Physician –to-Physician Disputes
  • Violations of Covenants Not To Compete
  • Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Third Party Payor Audit Appeals/Overpayment Demands
  • Exclusion from Medicare, Medicaid and other Federally-Funded Programs
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